Videos: Martin Scorsese on Taxi Driver (and his storyboards)

Having recently seen the wonderful film Hugo, it’s hard to believe that it was directed by the same man who directed Taxi Driver and so many hard-edged gangster films. It’s sad that Hugo has been such a flop at the box office, Scorsese deserved success with it.

Anyway, if you’d like to get a peek at his storyboards for Taxi Driver, I found some of them at the site and you can see them here. Good luck trying to read the captions, but it’s interesting to look at his sketches.

Below is a two-part video of Scorsese talking about Taxi Driver, its influences, and why it was a labor of love (they are about 8 minutes long each).

Martin Scorsese on Taxi Driver – part one

Martin Scorsese on Taxi Driver – part two