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Do you have a good sense of humor and ideas for a TV series?

“In one day learn how to write sitcoms and dramedies
from a Hollywood writer who has done it!”

Sitcoms and dramedies are in demand

If you have a good sense of humor and an idea for a TV series, this is a great time to learn how to write and sell a sitcom or a dramedy!

If you haven’t heard the term before, a dramedy is a series that combines drama and comedy, and it’s the hottest format on television. Examples include “Glee,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Nurse Jackie,” and many more.

Even more good news: sitcoms are back! For a while sitcoms totally dominated the ratings—shows like “Seinfeld,” “Friends,” and “Frasier,” but the they went out of favor for a while. Now they have come roaring back.

Series like “Cougartown,” “Modern Family,” “30 Rock,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “The Office,” and “The Big Bang Theory” have joined long-running shows like “The Simpsons” and “Two and a Half Men” at the top of the ratings. And when something is a success, Hollywood wants more of the same!

But sitcoms and dramedies are specialized formats, you have to know how to structure a half-hour story, how to create great characters who can go on week after week, how to combine “A” and “B” stories and much more. It’s a skill not many have, and most of the ones who have it, don’t teach it. Fortunately, Jurgen Wolff is the exception because he loves to teach as well as to write.

You will learn from an expert

Jurgen has written for classic series like “Family Ties,” “Benson,” and “Love Boat,” as well as recent dramedies like “Relic Hunter.” He created an animated sitcom, “Norman Normal,” that ran for 56 episodes and has also written TV movies, mini-series, feature films and been a secret script doctor on films starring Eddie Murphy, Kim Cattrall, and Michael Caine, among others.

As well as writing more than 100 episodes of produced series, he’s taught scriptwriting at the University of Southern California and in private workshops around the world. He’s also the author of the ‘bible’ for many sitcom writers, “Successful Sitcom Writing,” published by St. Martin’s Press and coming out in a new edition next year. He is also the author of “Your Writing Coach” (Nicholas Brealey Publishing) and co-author of “Successful Scriptwriting,” (Writer’s Digest Press).

He’s the expert respected by the experts:

Larry Gelbart, who created the classic TV series “M*A*S*H” said this about Jurgen’s “Successful Sitcom Writing” book: “Jurgen’s book is right on the money—a great deal of which can be yours if you follow his advice.”

And Aaron Ruben, one of the pioneers of TV sitcoms, said “If anybody can teach this oddball craft, Jurgen Wolff is the one. He is methodical, analytical, and, most importantly, he possesses a marvellous sense of comedy.”

Now it’s your turn to benefit

On Friday, November 19, in Henderson (on the outskirts of Las Vegas), you will have the chance to be part of a small group of people who are getting this insider’s information on how to write sitcoms and dramedies.

Here are the crucial truths you will discover:

  • Why the situation is not the most important part of a situation comedy
  • How to create three-dimensional characters who can carry a show year after year
  • How to brainstorm an endless flow of storylines
  • The ten sitcom concepts NOT to pitch
  • How to structure a story for the half hour sitcom format
  • How to structure a story for the one hour dramedy format
  • How to create a “B” story that matches your “A” story
  • How to integrate continuing storylines over a series of episodes
  • Why jokes are not the real key to making a sitcom funny
  • The secret of creating great supporting characters
  • How to get comedy and drama to work together rather than fighting each other when writing a dramedy
  • How to write a series proposal for producers or networks to look at
  • How to get attention for your series idea when you don’t have any “in” with Hollywood

This workshop is interactive—you’ll get a chance to participate in coming up with a series idea, creating characters, brainstorming, and more. You’ll also get a hand-out that covers all the key points presented in the workshop, to refer to whenever you work on a new idea. And if you have an idea you want to pitch to Jurgen and the group, there will be a chance to do that (we ask that participants agree to treat any ideas with total confidentiality).

Your low investment to learn this skill

The workshop takes place in Henderson (south Las Vegas) from 9.30am to 6pm. Lunch will be provided as well as tea, coffee, and soft drinks throughout the day.

Because this day covers so much and because we are videotaping the day, we are restricting the class size to no more than six participants. That means you get the maximum amount of individual attention. (We won’t videotape any discussion of your private ideas, just the lectures and questions.)

Normally this course would cost $295 for the day, but on this occasion we are offering it for only $159.

There’s a great bonus

There’s more: for 60 days after the workshop, you can email Jurgen with any questions you have about anything we covered or anything to do with a series you are developing.

Jurgen says, “I want to make sure this isn’t a workshop that people attend and then don’t put into practice—that’s why I’ll make myself available via email to help participants as they put their new skills into use.”

What to bring and what to do

All you need to bring is a pen and paper (or a laptop). If you have an idea already, that’s great, Jurgen can help you develop it via the exercises we will do. If you don’t have an idea yet, that’s fine, too—the odds are that after you’ve done the brainstorming exercises, you will!

The very limited spaces for this workshop will go fast, so if you want to be part of this exclusive group who will learn how to write exciting, commercial sitcoms and dramedies, sign up now!

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