Writing low-budget horror



Do you know where the REAL market is for screenplays?

“In one morning, learn how to adapt your screenwriting skills for
the market that’s looking for scripts—even from beginners!”

Yes, it’s every scriptwriter’s dream to write a big Hollywood movie, and some of them actually achieve it.

But what most writers don’t realize is that there’s a much bigger market for scripts much closer to home.

Unlike Hollywood, this market doesn’t put up big barriers trying to keep out new writers who don’t have an agent or insider connections.

We’re talking about the makers of independent films, including digital productions specifically designed for online distribution, especially horror films.

If you think this is a minor market, you’re right—but in about ten minutes you won’t be!

This market is developing fast, and it’s the future of filmmaking for 95% of the writers, directors, and producers in the world. Within a couple of years, everyone will have fast broadband access and that means the end of Hollywood’s monopoly on distribution. A filmmaker will be able to distribute any film directly, online, and keep 100% of the proceeds.

This market will explode and the first thing they will need is good scripts.

You need to get in on the ground floor of this new direction. Otherwise in a year or two you’re going to be reading about the other writers who took action and regret that you let another opportunity pass you by.

Join us on Monday, November 22, 2010 in Henderson (Las Vegas):

Here’s what you’ll learn in this intensive half-day workshop:

  • How to write for micro-budget films: these are the movies that people make on an absolute shoestring. Often the money doesn’t come from selling these films as such, but from the remake rights when one takes off and Hollywood comes calling.
  • How to write for low-budget films. This category would include the most profitable movie of all time (when you compare cost to income): “The Blair Witch Project” which was a harbinger of things to come now that the internet makes distribution much easier.
  • How to write for the most popular and profitable genre in both of these categories: horror movies. You may not want to make a career out of writing nothing but horror films, but they’re a great way to get a credit, kick-start your career, and make some money.
  • Where to find the producers who are looking for these kinds of scripts.
  • How to pitch your project so producers take notice.
  • How to write a script that you can produce yourself for a micro-budget if you want to direct and produce as well as write.
  • How to use a low-budget script as a stepping stone to getting attention for your higher-budget scripts

If you’re a total newcomer to writing scripts, we recommend that you also take part in the Screenplay Breakthrough Day on November 17. That will give you the basics, and then this half day will show you how to adapt those new skills to micro- and low-budget films. If you’re already familiar with the basics, you can take part in just this half day if you prefer.

You’ll learn all this from Jurgen Wolff, who has written and script-doctored feature film scripts starring Kelsey Grammer (“The Real Howard Spitz” – Jurgen’s script), Eddie Murphy, Kim Cattrall, and Michael Caine. The budgets on these pictures has varied from low to high, so he understands the difference and how to adjust your writing accordingly. He’s also written more than 100 episodes of TV, and TV movies for ABC and CBS as well as low-budget TV movies for Europe. Currently he’s the writer on “Demanding Women,” a TV movie that will be shot in the Far East.

Unlike most scriptwriting gurus, he’s teaching based on real-world experience, not theory.

Here’s the proof

Here are typical comments about Jurgen’s workshop:

“Thank you for a tremendous seminar. I deeply appreciate your feedback.”– Larry Kay, Encino, CA

“Just a note to say thanks again for a great seminar…My mind is continuously thinking of how to throw several rocks from many different angles at the formidable screenwriting castle!” – Jim Smith, Carlsbad, New Mexico

“Thanks for your enthusiasm, support, and great ideas during your seminar—I’m charged up! Thanks also for being willing to answer any and all questions.”

–Joni Sensel, WA

“This has been the most effective course I have been on. Yesterday was a great step forward for me. Brilliant!” – Rupert Davies-Cooke, London

There’s a bonus!

As a bonus, you’ll get a set of back-up materials and Jurgen has agreed to answer any questions you may have for a full 90 days after the workshop, via email.

Your small investment and what to do next

Jurgen’s style of teaching is very interactive, so we are limiting the workshop size to no more than 12 people. Because we are videotaping this session we are also lowering the price because of the minor inconvenience this may cause in terms of stopping to reposition the camera, etc. That’s why instead of the usual $150, your investment will be only $75.

At that rate, we expect the places to go fast, so if you want to be part of the group of scriptwriters who will benefit from the biggest revolution in film-making since movies started, sign up now.

You can collect an affiliate commission of 20% for every person you refer who enrolls in our workshops. Just click on the button below to sign up and to get full instructions. Note: you can not collect a commission for signing up yourself.