Non-fiction book bootcamp weekend

Your one chance this year to take this workshop

is on Nov. 13-14 in Las Vegas!

Would you like to have the prestige and money

that come from being a published author?

“In two days you will walk away with a proposal for your non-fiction book,

ready to submit to an agent or publisher!”

A recent survey revealed that 80% of people want to write a book—now you can be one of the tiny percentage that actually does it. In five short days you will discover how the prestige and the earning power that come with being a published author can be yours.

These experts will guide you to publishing success

You will be learning the secrets of two masters of the art and business of writing and publishing non-fiction books:

  • Jurgen Wolff, the author of ten books (as well as more than a hundred TV scripts) and one of the world’s top writing coaches, will show you how to quickly plan your book, how to write the quick and natural way, how to overcome writing blocks, and how to polish your work so it stands out from the crowd.
  • Fred Gleeck, top information product guru and author of 15 books, will help you develop a complete marketing plan for making a success of your book whether it’s published by a traditional publisher or self-published. He will reveal how inexpensive online marketing can shoot your book to the top of people’s awareness. He will also show you how to parlay a published book into multiple income streams.

You will be getting personal feedback from both of these experts–they will be working with you one-to-one on your book.

This is not some cookie-cutter program, every aspect of it is personalized to give you the result you want: a terrific book you will be proud to show your family, friends, associates, and customers.

Here’s how you will benefit day by day:

Saturday morning: From great idea to a great book

  • How to turn your idea into a book
  • How to find the hook that will attract publishers and readers
  • How to break an idea down into chapters
  • How to use mind maps to organize your material quickly and easily
  • How to find your natural writing style

Saturday afternoon: What must go into your book proposal

  • How to write a compelling concept page
  • What never to put into your table of contents
  • Which chapters to include as samples
  • Why you should compare your book to others
  • Why it’s a project killer to say your book is unique
  • How to define your target audience
  • Why you must have a marketing plan
  • What a platform is, and how to find yours

Sunday morning: What’s right for you: traditional or self-publishing?

  • The advantages and disadvantages of both types of publishing
  • Which approach will work best for you
  • What agents do and don’t do
  • How to approach agents and show them you would be a terrific client
  • How to approach traditional publishers with a powerful query letter
  • The one big pitfall you must avoid if self-publishing
  • How Kindle, other e-readers and the iPad are changing publishing—and how to take advantage of this huge change before anybody else

Sunday afteroon: How to create a website that sells your book & how to put it all together

  • What has to be on your book’s website
  • How to attract visitors to your website and convert them to buyers
  • How to motivate visitors to become fans and spread the word about your book
  • How to get your book on and other online sites and get positive reviews
  • How your website can pave the way for your next book
  • How the group can support each other to make sure everybody completes their book on time and makes it a major success
  • How the experts will continue to support your writing and success

Remember, these are not just lectures—the experts work with you personally to make sure you know exactly how to apply what you’ve learned. Every question you have will be answered and the experts will give you individual guidance all the way.

You will achieve in two days what takes

most aspiring authors months or even years

if they do it at all!

Why is the price so low?

Your investment for the weekend and all the back-up materials is only $197. Why so low, when normally a day of coaching from either of these experts costs more than $1000? The reason is that we are going to be videotaping the sessions so we want to have a small, focused group that doesn’t mind the presence of the video cameras. Don’t worry, though—nothing in the resulting DVDs will give away your topic or strategy if you’d prefer to keep it to yourself (on the other hand, it could be a great promotional boost to have yours included–it’s up to you).

Space is very limited, so act now!

With the level of individual attention this program offers and the restricted space in which we are shooting the video, we can take only up to six people. If you want to attend this intensive but enjoyable week and leave with a full proposal, powerful query letter, and up to the minute marketing plan, act now to reserve your place.

You can collect an affiliate commission of 20% for every person you refer who enrolls in our workshops. Just click on the button below to sign up and to get full instructions. Note: you can not collect a commission for signing up yourself.