Guerrilla marketing your script

Your one chance to take this workshop comes on

Sunday, November 21, in Las Vegas

Writing your book or script is only half the battle

“In one intensive half-day session, discover the Guerrilla Marketing Techniques
that get the attention of agents, publishers, and producers!”

The question that stops most writers dead in their tracks

You’ve written your book or your screenplay. You know it’s good. Then comes the dreaded question: “What now?!”

Sure, you probably know that you have to get an agent or find a receptive publisher or producer, but HOW do you do it when there are so many walls designed to keep out newcomers?

If you follow the traditional methods you’ll get the traditional response:

“No, thanks.”

Or, even more often, no answer at all.

If you want something different, you’ve got to do something different.

Different from what all the books suggest.

Different from what these decision-makers are used to.

Fortunately, you have a guide who can show you what works—based on his more than 25 years of success as a screenwriter and book author.

It’s happening in Henderson (Las Vegas) on Saturday, November 20, 2010—for only ten participants who want the insider knowledge that will give them an advantage over all the competition.

Meet your guide

Jurgen Wolff has written more than 100 episodes of TV, starting with “Benson,” “Family Ties,” and “Love Boat,” through to nine hour-long episodes of “Relic Hunter” and his own animated series, “Norman Normal.” He’s also written a mini-series starring Rob Lowe, a film starting Kelsey Grammer, and done script doctoring on films starring Kim Cattrall, Michael Caine, and Eddie Murphy. And he’s written nine books, including “Successful Sitcom Writing,” “Creativity Now!” “Marketing for Entrepreneurs,” and the international best-seller, “Focus: use the power of targeted thinking.”

Jurgen says, “I didn’t know a single person in the business when I started out and I realized I had to use some unusual methods to get noticed. I’ve followed that ‘do something different’ philosophy in everything I’ve done since and it works. Now I’m ready to share it with others who are just starting out.”

What have others said about this workshop?

It’s inspiring to find someone who has used business smarts and an extraordinary degree of common business sense to succeed—and who is willing and able to pass along what he’s learned.” – Pau Guay, Los Angeles

This has been terrific. Thank you for being a friend to new writers and being willing to help them and share your knowledge—so many useful tools to use, what you promoted about this workshop was truly delivered.” – Scott Reneau, Manhattan Beach, CA

Your workshop gave me a lot of insight into the business side of screenplay writing. The workshop content was excellent and the back-up material very helpful. I now have the basic tools to approach my writing seriously.” – Denise McGregor, Encinitas, CA

Jurgen Wolff’s presentation was excellent. I learned a lot about marketing myself as a writer, which is my weak spot.” – Andrea Borgess, Dracut, MA

What I liked best were the solid suggestions on how to sell yourself as a writer. The personal insights and examples were excellent. I wrote a considerable amount but had no exact idea of what to do with the many scripts I’ve written. Now, after having completed Jurgen Wolff’s course, the direction which I must follow is rather obvious to me.” – Leon Frazier, Universal City, CA

Writing is hard work. Selling your writing seems even harder. Jurgen Wolff’s presentation breaks down the mystery.” – Bill Null, Los Angeles, CA

Now it’s your turn to get this crucial information:

In an intensive half-day interactive workshop, you will find out:

  • How to protect your material before you start showing it
  • How to write query letters that grab the reader’s attention
  • How to use the postcard strategy to increase the response rate to your query letters
  • How to use releases to get your material read
  • How to package your material so it stands out—in the right way! (There are ways that brand you as an amateur and we’ll cover those, too.)
  • The three concepts of communication—mastering these will make people want to work with you
  • How to create the right image on paper and online
  • How to use YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other online services and tools to get people interested in your project
  • Nine guerrilla techniques for contacting people in positions of power (including how to slip past the gate-keepers whose job it is to keep you out)
  • The half dozen mistakes writers make that ensure their project will be rejected—and how to avoid them

The piece missing from most workshops—we have it!

Most workshops feature somebody talking at you for a few hours. Maybe they’ll answer the occasional question, but you never feel that you have really had individual attention.

Problem solved! The final 45 minutes of this workshop will be a lightning-fast brainstorming session in which every participant will get specific ideas for the guerrilla marketing of his or her project from Jurgen and the rest of the group. And if you want more personal attention, you can sign up for a 45-minute one-to-one strategy session with Jurgen Wolff or our host for this event, master marketer Fred Gleeck, at a reduced rate.

Why small is beautiful, your investment and what to do next:

The only way to make sure that every participant goes home with a specific marketing plan for their project is to keep the numbers low. That’s why we are setting a maximum of six people in this workshop.

Normally the price for this valuable half-day would be $150, but because we are videotaping it (which may mean an occasional five minute break to move the camera etc.) we are bringing that right down to $75. That includes a set of back-up materials that include all of the points we cover, so you can use them again and again each time you have a new project to market.

We recommend that you combine this workshop with the afternoon session on Power Pitching but you can also take just this morning session, the choice is yours.

With the limited space and the bargain price, these places will sell out fast, so if you want to learn the insider methods that will make you and your projects stand head and shoulders above the crowd, sign up now!

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