The Most Frequently Asked Questions about the Easy Screenwriting System Online Course

Here are the questions people ask most often about this course. If your question isn’t answered here, please email us via the email address below and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Do I have to have writing experience in order to take this course?

No, the course is suitable for beginners as well as those who have already written stories or scripts.

Do I have to be a computer whiz to use these materials?

No, there’s nothing to download. All the materials are on the Easy Screenwriting System website, ready for you to access just with a click of the mouse. It doesn’t matter whether your computer is a Mac or a PC.

Are there other materials to buy in order to complete the course?

The course is complete, you don’t have to buy anything else. We will ask you to confirm that you want to receive the free bonus newsletter four times a year—if you’d rather not, you can opt out. We also respect your privacy—we never sell or share the email addresses or any other information about our students.

Is the entire course online, or do I have to attend any meetings or sessions?

It’s all online. You go through the course in the comfort of your home, at whatever pace suits you best.

Are there any age restrictions?

None—you can benefit from the course whether you’re a keen student still at school or a mature retired person or any age in between.

Exactly what topics are covered?

These are the lesson topics:

1: How to think like a Screenwriter
2: Where to find screenplay ideas
3: Choosing your best idea
4: Starting to build your plot
5. How to Create Compelling Characters
6: Building Your Plot and Choosing a Structure
7: Screenplay Format
8. Writing Powerful Stage Directions
9: Writing Great Dialogue
10: Writing Scenes
11: The All-important First Pages
12: Script & Writing Solutions
13: Getting an Agent, Selling Your Script
14: Interview, Webinars & Final Thoughts

Will the course be kept up to date?

Yes, this is the advantage of an online course over a book or a class. We periodically update the information in the course. The free bonus quarterly newsletter that’s included when you enrol also helps keep you informed of new developments and opportunities.

How long do I have to complete the course?

Unlike many other courses, we don’t set a short time limit. The materials will continue to be available to you for one year. That means you can proceed at your own pace. If something comes up and you have to put it aside for a while, it’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to resume.

Do I have to take any tests during the course?

No, this course isn’t about book learning or answering test questions, it’s about helping you develop the skill of writing great screenplays. There are no tests, although there is a fun quiz at the end of each lesson, but it’s not graded!

Do I get some kind of certificate of completion?

When you finish the course you will have the option of downloading a certificate of completion that you can print out. There is no extra charge for this.

What have other people said about the course?

Here’s are some testimonials that people are saying about the Easy Screenwriting System:

“Amazing resource for the beginning writer who is looking for guidance on learning the process, and for the skilled writer who is searching for ways to raise her story up a notch.   The online lessons allow you to proceed at your own pace, while providing ways to break through periods of writer’s block. Because the author has been in the writer’s trenches himself and encountered the same challenges, there is an encouraging tone to the materials that will help boost you over the restraining walls.”

– Scott Reneau, Screenwriting Instructor, St. Augustine, Florida

“I wanted to say how much enjoyed the course. It had more focus on the practical aspect of writing than I was expecting and you anticipate problems that writers have and offer excellent solutions to them. It’s great to receive tuition from someone who has the experience that you do. You have provided me with many years worth of useful advice.”

– Charlie Richardson, writer

“Jurgen Wolff takes the mystery out of what can be a very mysterious process, writing with practical solutions that inspire creativity. He also offers the needed common sense attitude to navigate the Hollywood rapids and come through unscathed. He has been a mentor and friend for many years. Take this course and you will be inspired….to write.”

– L.P. Ferrante – comedy writer

“As is true of the books on creative writing Jurgen Wolff has had such success with, this course is fun, well-researched, designed to be helpful and motivating, and a source of inspiration and support for most any screenwriter, novice or pro.  Highly recommended.”

– Charles Dayton, author of Come Hell or High Water, Hell Hath No Fury, Hell to Pay, and (forthcoming),Time Passages

“Filled with practical, straightforward instruction and highly actionable strategies, the course offers a simple step-by-step approach; colorful and illustrative examples; entertaining and educational “real world” stories from Wolff’s thirty years as a successful Hollywood scriptwriter; and solid, sensible tips–all presented in a conversational tone laced with humor and encouragement.”

-Kerry Cox, author of How to Write Faster Than Anyone Better and Better Than Anyone Faster

Who do I contact if...

You can contact Jurgen at jurgenwolff@gmail.com