Writing romantic comedies

What kind of screenplays are producers looking for?

Chasing trends is a waste of time because by the time a trend is apparent it’s already too late–usually it takes a year or more to go from a green light to a released film. However, these genres are always in demand if the scripts are well-written. COMEDY – especially comedy with a physical element, […]

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Should you write a controversial screenplay or play it safe?

In the previous two posts I’ve shared two of Robert Ringer’s three rules of writing and added my comments on how they apply to screenwriting. Here is the third: Don’t try to be all things to all people. Go after a specific market, and don’t make apologies to those who aren’t part of that market. […]

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Director Will Gluck writes screenplays backward – should you?

Writer-director Will Gluck told Hollywood.com how he developed the script for “Friends With Benefits.” We signed up Justin [Timberlake] knowing that we were going to go to Mila [Kunis] instantly. We did it very quickly, and then we all got together and had a long dinner together. And then we just started. I told them […]

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