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Writing at, Jeremy Kay says this about the game offshoots of films:

“…simply getting your gaming division to use the same story structure and characters won’t work when the story is lacking and competition in the games arena is so high. In this regard it’s heartening to see interest in Hollywood coalescing around transmedia. This is the notion that a core intellectual property, say a “bible” or scrapbook of story notes and artist’s impressions about a particular milieu or band of characters, can inspire narrative offshoots that do not mimic each other and work across multiple platforms. The game, movie and graphic novel will all explore elements of this world while remaining true to the overarching meta-narrative of the IP.”

Great point–the studios still seem to think that gamers want to experience the same storyline as the film, when in fact it’s much more interesting to have an experience that goes beyond the movie and that allows a more complex interaction than just taking on the protagonist’s point of view.

This is an area that is going to involve more and more writers as the demand for greater creativity gets stronger.

Of course, as Kay also points out, the writing on a lot of the movies needs to improve, too. He says, they “…too often settle for tired storylines, hackneyed dialogue and vacuous characters hiding behind music video sensibilities and loud explosions.” Amen!

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