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Want to write and make a web series? Here’s what you need…

Thinking about making a web series? Think you need to copy network series? Define the demographic you are targeting? Think again! In this seven-minute interview conducted by Film Courage, Joe Wilson, creator of the web series Vampire Mob, talks about why you don’t need to look for sponsors or try to find the ideal length […]

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Should you write a controversial screenplay or play it safe?

In the previous two posts I’ve shared two of Robert Ringer’s three rules of writing and added my comments on how they apply to screenwriting. Here is the third: Don’t try to be all things to all people. Go after a specific market, and don’t make apologies to those who aren’t part of that market. […]

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Screenwriting: the secret of successful collaboration

How do writers collaborate successfully? My previous post was about the online comedy, “Husbands,” co-created  and co-written by Jane Espenson and Brad “Cheeks” Bell. On Scriptmag.com Espenson described their working method: “We did it in turns. Cheeks wrote the first draft and then I did a polish, and then he gave notes, and we did that […]

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