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How Nick Hornby deals with the long road from script to film

It can take ages for a screenplay to become a film and of course a lot of times the production never happens. Nick Hornby, whose most recent adaptation is Wild, starring Reese Witherspoon, deals with it by using the time in between to write his novels. An article written by Joe Berkowitz for fastcreate.com points […]

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What to do when screenwriting inspiration isn’t happening

The other morning I received a newsletter that included Robert Ringer’s three rules for writers and I think they’re worth making your own, whether you are writing a screenplay or anything else. In case you’re not familiar with him, years ago Robert Ringer had a best-selling book called Winning Through Intimidation. That was a misleading […]

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Can images inspire a screenplay?

A recent illustrated book reversed the usual procedure: the illustrations were done first and then the stories were written to fit them. It’s called “To Slow Down the Time: Stories,” written by Matthew Allard, illustrated by Ian Dingman. I find it helpful when ideas are slow in coming to do the same with random images, […]

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