The Pixar way to start your screenplay

This is a great explanation of the traditional, three-act structure way to start your screenplay, illustrated with examples from Pixar movies, and focusing on how the process was applied to Toy Story 3. The narrator is writer Michael Arndt, whose credits also include the wonderful Little Miss Sunshine. My only quibble is that it suggests that […]

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Videos: Martin Scorsese on Taxi Driver (and his storyboards)

Having recently seen the wonderful film Hugo, it’s hard to believe that it was directed by the same man who directed Taxi Driver and so many hard-edged gangster films. It’s sad that Hugo has been such a flop at the box office, Scorsese deserved success with it. Anyway, if you’d like to get a peek […]

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What’s NOT stopping you from writing your screenplay

I have a hunch these are NOT what’s stopping you from writing your screenplay: * You don’t have any ideas * You don’t understand the basics of screenwriting * You have a fear of success I think maybe one or more of these IS what’s stopping you: * Procrastination * Too many ideas * Writing […]

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