One director’s take on ‘write what you know’

Director Michael Haneke was interviewed in a recent issue of Paris Review. This is what he said when asked whether drawing on your own experience and background is good or necessary: “I’ve never seen good results from people trying to speak about things they don’t know firsthand. They will talk about Afghanistan, about children in […]

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Richard Linklater’s no-formula movie plots

At, Director Richard Linklater, recently feted for his film, Boyhood, shares his approach to coming up with the structure of his films: “There are a lot of stories in the world, and I spend all my time thinking about how to tell them. That, to me, is the cinematic element. That’s the hard part: […]

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Are you telling the best part of your story in your script?

Are you telling the best part of the story in your novel or script? In a Fast Company series of successful authors’ tips on writing better stories, Terence Winter (creator, writer, and executive producer of the series, Boardwalk Empire) makes a great point about choosing the most interesting part of a story to tell: “Every […]

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