Go beyond good vs. evil to give your script depth

A lot of adventure, action and superhero movies set up a conflict between the forces of good and the forces of evil. Nothing wrong with that, as the box office results of many of these films reflect. However, if you want to write a story with more depth you’ll need to move closer to the […]

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Why simplicity is crucial in writing a screenplay

In the previous post I shared Robert Ringer’s first (of three) rules of writing. Here’s his rule number two, which I think is even more important for screenwriters than for novelists. Simplicity is crucial. Can the reader quickly understand what you are trying to say? Eliminate verbal furniture. Ringer says he learned this from the […]

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What to do when screenwriting inspiration isn’t happening

The other morning I received a newsletter that included Robert Ringer’s three rules for writers and I think they’re worth making your own, whether you are writing a screenplay or anything else. In case you’re not familiar with him, years ago Robert Ringer had a best-selling book called Winning Through Intimidation. That was a misleading […]

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