How to write character based films

One of the (few) advantages of taking long plane trips is the chance to catch up on some films I missed when they first came out. One I saw the other day was “Please Give,” a low-key look at a collection of New York neurotics fighting their own life battles and getting confused, guilty, depressed […]

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Terry Gilliam’s true confession

Artist and filmmaker Terry Gilliam made a confession to the Sunday Times a while back: “I’m lucky my first attempt [at making his Don Quixote film] failed, because I can see now that the script wasn’t good enough.” Producers rush into production with inadequate scripts for all kinds of reasons–the availability of the actor they […]

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Screenplays: What works/What doesn’t: “Youth in Revolt”

“YOUTH IN REVOLT” * written by Gustin Nash * based on the novel by C. D. Payne * directed by Miguel Arteta In a role he’s now played half a dozen times and plays very well Michael Cera is the hapless virgin in love with the hard-to-get girl. This comedy recalls Woody Allen’s early work but instead of […]

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