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Here’s a great model for trying out some material, getting produced (although by yourself), getting into the writing habit, and lots more: Radio! Or, more precisely, dramatic or comedic podcasts.

I read about one version of this, Naked Radio, from the Naked Angels theater company, in the Wall Street Journal. It consist of about 15 people who meet every week in New York City to write and rehearse short radio plays that they produce.

Their associate artistic director, Andy Donald, says, “We use Naked Angels as an incubator.”

The great advantage of radio/audio is that it’s cheap and fast to produce. Typically a Naked Angel production, which could be a quick sketch or a short (15-20 minute) drama or comedy takes three weeks from idea to finished broadcast. They work in a team structure, brainstorming ideas and developing them in the same way that a lot of TV sitcoms are produced.

Participation in the group is by invitation and requires a two-year commitment. There is some money involved, coming from the parent Naked Angels Theater Company.

If you’re feeling frustrate and isolated, this could be a great model to follow. In the meantime, have a listen to what this group has been coming up with by going to

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Lend me your ears–and you’ll hear how to write a great screenplay!

The Screenwriting Success podcast aims to give you useful advice, inspiration, and contact with some of the smartest people writing and making films, plus agents, producers, and others who can help you figure out how to write a powerful, unique screenplay. Sign up at iTunes to be sure you don’t miss an episode!

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Episode 1

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Episode 1: Jason Brubaker from shares some insights on how to write for low-budget films.

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