Motivation to write

One director’s take on ‘write what you know’

Director Michael Haneke was interviewed in a recent issue of Paris Review. This is what he said when asked whether drawing on your own experience and background is good or necessary: “I’ve never seen good results from people trying to speak about things they don’t know firsthand. They will talk about Afghanistan, about children in […]

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Want to write and make a web series? Here’s what you need…

Thinking about making a web series? Think you need to copy network series? Define the demographic you are targeting? Think again! In this seven-minute interview conducted by Film Courage, Joe Wilson, creator of the web series Vampire Mob, talks about why you don’t need to look for sponsors or try to find the ideal length […]

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What’s NOT stopping you from writing your screenplay

I have a hunch these are NOT what’s stopping you from writing your screenplay: * You don’t have any ideas * You don’t understand the basics of screenwriting * You have a fear of success I think maybe one or more of these IS what’s stopping you: * Procrastination * Too many ideas * Writing […]

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