Before you start writing your screenplay

Journalist and Pete Hamill, whose latest book is “Tabloid City,” described in The Writer magazine how he approaches writing a novel. I think the same method works for anyone getting ready to write a screenplay: “I start by walking around a lot, letting the major characters rise in my mind. The way Dickens did, and […]

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Is there an app in your screenwriting future?

Probably your goal is to write screenplays for films that will run for about 120 minutes…but what about writing screenplays that last 120 seconds? “Persona” is the name of a free app that consists of short (two minutes or less) episodes (the word “appisode” may or may not catch on) of a soap opera now […]

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The screenwriter who hates “little gems,” buddies and arcs

I love good black comedies so I’m looking forward to seeing “The Guard.” In the meantime I’m making do with an interview with writer-director John Michael Donagh on the Den of Geek website. His first refreshing statement is about indie films that often are described as “little gems.” He says “I didn’t want the film […]

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