Writing horror: what do we fear the most?

What do we fear the most? Probably most of us wouldn’t say we’re worried about giant robots or lizards, sharks brought to us via tornados, or zombies, although all of those can be fun to watch at the movies. However, each of those does have some foundation–however distant–in reality. If you want to write a […]

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Go beyond good vs. evil to give your script depth

A lot of adventure, action and superhero movies set up a conflict between the forces of good and the forces of evil. Nothing wrong with that, as the box office results of many of these films reflect. However, if you want to write a story with more depth you’ll need to move closer to the […]

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Your log line: how to make us care what happens to your protagonist

A log line for a screenplay or a blurb for a book is one of the hardest thing to write. One of the constructions I see a lot that, in my opinion, doesn’t work very well includes this phrase: …not suspecting that his/her life is about to change forever. I’m sure you care if YOUR […]

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