Creating attractive characters

If you’re writing a screenplay  and want to create a character your audience will find appealing, there’s one trait that, according to recent research, appeals to both men and women. According to a report published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, “…participants ostensibly in a small-group interaction showed preferences for nonconformist opposite-sex targets, […]

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The Pixar way to start your screenplay

This is a great explanation of the traditional, three-act structure way to start your screenplay, illustrated with examples from Pixar movies, and focusing on how the process was applied to Toy Story 3. The narrator is writer Michael Arndt, whose credits also include the wonderful Little Miss Sunshine. My only quibble is that it suggests that […]

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Scene writing – here’s how they do it

As well as thinking about the construction of the overall story of a screenplay we have to construct individual scenes. A terrific resource in line with that is the New York Times feature, “Anatomy of a Scene.” In the video below, the director Richard Ayoade narrates the opening sequence of the film, The Double, starring […]

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