Ten things NOT to put in your query letter to agents

It’s always entertaining to hear agents complaining about the bad query letters they receive, but could you be making one of the mistakes that annoy them? Here are ten things not to put in your query letter: 1. That your script is better than [name of most recent super-successful film] 2. That your family and […]

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Want to sell your screenplay? Do something different!

The key to selling your screenplay is getting the right people to read it. They key to getting the right people to read it is to be creative in your approach (the traditional ones are used by everybody and they clog up the system and tend not to get through). The key to being more […]

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Why screenwriting sometimes requires being rude

Recently Adam Singolda, CEO of Taboola, shared some tips for video marketers and it struck me that they are valuable for writers as well. His overall theme was “It’s all about ‘do,’ run a small pilot, get some data, fail multiple times, and get better.” Singolda mentions “the beauty of failing.” His point is that […]

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