George RR Martin: Why having a great screenplay idea is only the first step

Have a great idea for a screenplay? Congratulations! You are one step closer to having a great screenplay…but only one step. No less an authority than George RR Martin, author of the saga, A Song of Ice and Fire, which includes Game of Thrones, testified to this in a recent interview in Rolling Stone magazine: “Ideas are […]

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How to write a superhero movie–from guys who have done it

There’s a good interview on with Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the two guys who wrote the Captain America screenplay, as well as the three Chronicles of Narnia films. They give eight tips for writing a superhero screenplay. There are two that stand out and that I think apply to some other genres as […]

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How you can learn from screenplay adaptations

If there’s a novel you love, odds are you won’t like the film as well; if you see an adapted film first and really like it, odds are you won’t like the source novel as much. However there’s a lot to be learned by studying the process. The key is in noticing what changes the […]

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