Here’s my brief video overview of what agents do, what they charge, and how to find one.

Top Ten Things NOT to say (or write) to an agent:

10. “I don’t know if you handle this kind of material, but…”

9. “I’ve already sent this to a bunch of other agents but none of them were smart enough to sign me up, so…”

8. “I know this script has spelling mistakes but if you take it on, I’ll get them fixed.”

7. “If you take me as a client this script will make you rich.”

6. “I know this script is great because all my family and friends have read it and loved it.”

5. “As you’ll see, most of the dialogue is written in dialect.”

4. “While the story seems unbelievable, this actually happened to my uncle/aunt/friend.”

3. “The reason the script ends on a cliff-hanger is that I have in mind an eight-movie series.”

2. “Most of this is based on my ex-husand’s/ex-wife’s rotten lawyer and all I’ve done is changed the name, ha ha.”

1. “If you like, I can come to your home to talk about this script because I know where you live. And where your children go to school.”

(You may think I put these here for humor, but I can assure you that agents have heard every one of these statements!)